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“I have been riding the 58mm WAHOO wheelset and am very impressed with these wheels! The hubs are buttery smooth and the ride quality is absolutely fantastic. Fast tempo riding on the flats was slightly faster than my high end, low-pro alloys, and the sound of these deep carbon rims is inspiring. I set a PR on one of my favorite local climbs averaging over 9%, so they go uphill terrifically, too. There was no deflection during sprint intervals and the freehub engagement felt positively quick compared to other carbon wheels I’ve raced. Overall impression of these Lift wheels is very, very good. I look forward to many more miles and more PRs!!” Jeremy, TX

“WOW! What a ride. I am an avid cyclist. I’ve been riding the WAHOO 58mm carbon clinchers….on the up, down, and on the flats, what a smooth, fast and responsive ride! I have ridden a carbon bike for years, but adding these wheels made my sweet ride exceptionally better. I am 230 lb plus rider, and these wheels have no trouble.Thanks LIFT!” – Dave, UT

“I was able to use the LIFT deep dish wheels during my Ironman in Cozumel this year and fell in love with them immediately. Light, fast and strong. What more do you want? I’m recommending them to everyone I know.” – Ryan, UT